You can find my works on product design. My student projects, my furniture designs and other conceptual designs are shown. I hope you enjoy them.

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Blemicasta is the brand of my dreams. My aim is to collect all my designs under this brand. Here you can find handmade notebook collections. Also duvet cover (nevresim takımı) designs can also be seen at bridebingo.com.

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I am also manager of Arzum Men. Dek.Tic.San.Ltd.Sti. We are focused on home textile products. Curtains, duvet covers, duvets, comforters and bath textile can be found our store. Also, we have two web stores for our customers. One of them is Bridebingo. You can visit our website at www.bridebingo.com

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Arzumdekor, which can be visited at www.arzumdekor.com.tr and magaza.arzumdekor.com.tr, is the main website of our company. We serve as an authorised seller of the biggest home textile brand Taç in Turkey. Arzumdekor is a retailer that is known Taç Eskişehir concept store in our city.